Lela fascinated Europe

Lela fascinated Europe

A well-known Ukrainian model and singer Lela (Olga Tretiachenko) fascinated Europe by her beauty. She has been chosen as the best among of all the girls, photos of whom were published during the year. For her, this title became very important, because Playmate of the Year in Europe meant the recognition of her beauty once again.

Lela was invited to a photo shooting to grace a significant cover Playmate of the Year, which was held in the Czech Republic. The concept of the photo session was Sport, so the choice fell on the rollerblades but taking into consideration that Lela couldn’t roller-skate or skate, shooting was not easy for her, she couldn’t hold on and move around freely. "Even at the slightest movement it seemed like I was going to fall and break everything. And this is despite the fact that the rollerblades were with 4 wheels, they seemed even more uncontrolled than usual professional ones "- shared with us Lela.

Fear is for weak people! Despite the difficulties, the photo shooting was very sexy and beautiful. The editors, acquainted with Lela closer and her passion for music, suggested that the album would be introduced on the magazine’s presentation. That is the moment when dreams come true!

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