The Eligible Brides of Ukraine 2014 Official Award Ceremony!

The Eligible Brides of Ukraine 2014 Official Award Ceremony!

The Eligible Brides of Ukraine 2014 official award ceremony took place on November 27, at the location-based entertainment center D’Lux.

For the fourth year running, the sponsors of the award have been awarding celebrated and successful girls, including singers, TV presenters and models. According to the point of view of the contest organizers, an eligible bride is a girl with a special personality who is always up to something, never stopping on her way to perfection. The nominee who gets the award is supposed to be constantly refining herself, be successful in reaching her goals and combine the best traits of the perfect woman. The winner selection principle is fairly straightforward — it honors beauty, charm, intelligence, and the constant progress. It is meant to find a girl who has been the best achiever in her field over the year, and who is still single, gorgeous and desirable.

This year, The Eligible Bride of Ukraine 2014 award in the Musical Talent of the Year nomination was given to the outstanding Ukrainian model and singer Lela (Olga Tretiachenko). The nomination was suggested for a good reason, as the awarded girl has been already highly acclaimed abroad. Currently Lela is in the process of working on her debut album, which she intends to release by the end of this year.

As part of the award ceremony, Lela presented a new explosive and vigorous song “Take Me Away” to which she also contributed as the author of the lyrics.

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